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Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Environmental policies of TOKYO RADIATOR MFG. Co., Ltd.

1. Environmental philosophy

TOKYO RADIATOR MFG. Co., Ltd. recognizes that environmental protection is one of the most important issues and will strive to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by applying an eco-friendly manufacturing approach in harmony with nature to its corporate activities.

2. Basic environmental policy

TOKYO RADIATOR strives to achieve environmental protection and improvements at all stages of its corporate activities and contribute to the development of a prosperous society.

3. Environmental action policy

1) Introduce organizational improvements aimed at promoting environmental protection activities based on compliance, social demand and cooperate visions with a setting of yearlong project.
2) Strive to develop eco-friendly products and contribute to the environmental protection.
3) Develop products considering the life cycle.
4) Strive to protect the environment and comply with environmental laws, reduce environmental impact.
5) In promoting environmental management activities cooperate with local community and government.
6) Develop the cooperative relations with affiliate company, customers and business acquaintance to reduce environmental impact throughout the all supply chain.

April 2018
Takayuki Hatanaka
Executive Officer
General Manager of Environmental Programs

Scope of environmental management system

This system covers all items of environmental management system related to our business activities, products and service.

This system applies to executives, employees, assigned employee, part time employees, dispatched employees, of HQ, Fujisawa factory,

Affiliated company means TOSHIN TECHNO. Co.,Ltd. And which is involved in Environmental management committee.

Physical scope is as follows.


Cooperative companies are out of Environmental management committee scope.

Those companies are under the responsible department.