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To be a company always taking on challenges

Since the company was established in 1938, for over 80 years, Tokyo Radiator has been supplying heat exchanger parts to truck and industrial construction machinery manufacturers.

As I’m taking over the helm of the company that has such high performance levels and is greatly trusted by customers, I feel that I need to brace myself.

Currently, the environment surrounding us is dramatically changing; this applies to a wide variety of areas, including not only the business environment but also the global environment and life environment.

In such environment, we continue to create new value based on our abundant experience in “heat exchange technologies” with unwavering belief in our company’s guideline for action: “Change,” “Respond” and “Enhance”, thereby striving to be a company that contributes to all stakeholders.

Your continued and further guidance and support is greatly appreciated.

Tokyo Radiator MFG. Co., Ltd.
Hironori Kimura

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April 1, 2024

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