Oct 1938 Tokyo Radiator Mfg. Co., Ltd established in Shiba-ku,Tokyo.The Shinagawa plant at the time of the Establishment
Oct 1941 Kawasaki plant completed.The Kawasaki plant at the time of 1941
Jul 1957 Fuel tank production begins.
Oct 1961 Listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange, Second Section.
Jun 1963 Production of Japan’s first corrugated-type radiator for trucks begins.
May 1964 Tokyo subtank goes on sale.Tokyo subtank(150l)Tokyo subtank(300l)
Nov 1964 Capital increased to 540 million yen.
Jan 1965 Fujisawa plant completed.Fujisawa plant panoramic view (1965)
Nov 1969 Contract signed to provide technical support to Thai Radiator Mfg. Co., Ltd (Thailand).
Jan 1973 Kanuma plant completed.Kanuma plant completed
Apr 1979 Contract signed to provide technical support to C.V.Auto Diesel Radiators of Indonesia. (now P.T.Selamat Sempurna tbk.)
Aug 1980 Mass production of world’s first thin-fin single-line radiators begins.Thin-fin single-line radiators
Nov 1980 Mass production of aluminum heat exchangers begins.
Apr 1983 Introduction of 600-ton tandem press line at Fujisawa plant.
Jun 1986 Toshin Distribution Co., Ltd. (now Toshin Tecno Co., Ltd.) established.
May 1989 Kawasaki plant production ended, merged with Fujisawa plant.New office (second floor)
and a plant building
Large radiator equipment
Mar 1990 Mass production of HL fin oil coolers begins.
Mar 1990 Mass production of NHF fin car heater cores begins.
Nov 1991 Contract signed to provide technical support to Master Radiator sdn. bhd.(Malaysia)
Dec 1991 Office building Talk pier Kawasaki completed, real estate leasing business begins.
Apr 1993 Mass production of NHF fin radiators begins.
Aug 1993 Mass production of stacked-type H/L fins begins.
Aug 1994 Mass production of aluminum radiators begins.
Aug 1994 Talk Pia Service Co. Ltd. established.
Nov 1994 Contract signed to provide technical support to Acero Cobre Industrial Ltda.(Chile)
Dec 1994 Contract signed to receive technical support form Calsonic Corp.(now CalsonicKansei Corp.)
Nov 1996 Two-dimensional random vibration test facilities introduced.
Dec 1996 Contract signed to provide technical support to Lui Li Enterprise Co., Ltd.(Taiwan)
Mar 1997 Calsonic Corp. (now CalsonicKansei Corp.) replaces Isuzu Motors Ltd. as principal shareholder.
Jun 1997 ISO9001:Certification acquired.
Jul 1997 ISO9001:1994 Certification acquired.
Dec 1997 Mass production of aluminum fuel tanks begins.enkaku_img_15
June 1999

Chongqing Tokyo Radiator Co., Ltd., established.

Aug 1999 Mass production of EGR coolers for Tube types begins.enkaku9908
Sep 1999 Kanuma plant closed, merged with Fujisawa plant.
Mar 2000 Engine bench introduced.
Jul 2000 Headquarters moved to Fujisawa.
Mar 2003 ISO14001:2004 Certification acquired.
Dec 2003 QS9000:1998 Certification acquired.
Mar 2004 Wuxi TRS Heart Exchanger Co., Ltd., established.
Apr 2004 TRS merged Talk Pier Service Co., Ltd.
May 2004 By issue of new shares by the third-party allotment which makes CalsonicKansei Corp. an undertaking place, the capital was increased to 1,317.6 million yen.
Oct 2004 Mass production of SCR tanks begins.
Sep 2005 Mass production of Cooling Module for Construction Machinery begins.
Jan 2006 Headquarters/Development building completed.
June 2006 Mass production of EGR coolers for light duty diesel engines begins.enkaku0606
Aug 2006 ISO/TS16949:2002 Certification acquired.
ISO9001:2000 Certification acquired.
Mar 2007 Sold the ”Talk pier Kawasaki” facilities and specialized in manufacturing operations.
Aug 2009 ISO/TS16949:2009 Certification acquired.
ISO9001:2008 Certification acquired.
Jan 2010 Mass production of resin SCR tanks begins.
Apr 2012 PT. Tokyo Radiator SELAMAT SEMPURUNA Co., established. (Indonesia)
June 2013

TR Asia CO., LTD. established. (Thailand)

May 2013

Mass production of EGR coolers for gasoline engines begins.

Aug 2013

Mass production of EGR coolers for small diesel engine types begins.

May 2016 Mass production of EGR cooler for gasoline engine at Fujisawa plant.
Jan 2018 ISO14001:2015 Certification acquired.
Aug 2018 IATF16949:2016 Certification acquired.
ISO9001:2015 Certification acquired.
Oct 2018 80th anniversary of company establishment.
Apr 2019 Production of copper radiator ended.
Feb 2020 Mass production of PCS radiators for large construction machinery begins.
May 2022

Mass production of radiator for Fuel Cell Trucks[FCEV] begins at Chongqing Tokyo Radiator Co., Ltd.(more information

Oct 2022

Mass production of water cooled oil cooler made of stainless steel for diesel engine begins.

Apr 2023

New type radiator for commercial vehicle begins.

Sep 2023

Mass production of radiators for electric trucks[BEV] begins.(more information

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