Disclaimer (Terms of Use)

Disclaimer (Terms of Use)

Terms and conditions of use

This Site is only intended for the purpose of providing information and the Site does not aim to solicit investment. In addition, information to be disclosed through the Site may not be posted in time in some circumstances. In other cases, not all the information TOKYO RADIATOR has disclosed through the stock exchange, etc., is posted on the Site. Please read these terms and conditions and ensure you fully understand them before using this Site. Please be aware that, in some instances, the content of the Site may be changed or the operation of the Site may be suspended without prior notice.

Accuracy and reliability of information

While TOKYO RADIATOR takes every caution with respected to the content of this Site, the information provided on the Site may include inaccurate information, typos, or inappropriate information due to computer malfunction or illegal operation by a third party, and TOKYO RADIATOR in no way guarantees the accuracy, usefulness, or reliability of the content of this Site. Please be aware that TOKYO RADIATOR shall bear no responsibility whatsoever for any loss caused by errors in the information provided or data download, etc.

Forward-looking statements

Except for the events that have occurred in the past, the statements provided by the Site are forward-looking statements prepared by TOKYO RADIATOR based on the information available at the present time. All such statements include risks and uncertain elements pertaining to changes in the economic climate, market trends, and tax or other systems. As such, please be aware that the actual performance announced in the future may vary due to these factors.

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April 1, 2024

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