Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

Create new values based on respect for mankind, and contribute to the realization of an eco-friendly society as a trusted company.

Corporate Vision

Aspire to be a corporation that delivers the world’s best products and continue to grow with all stakeholders.

Basic Management Policies

  1. Practice sound management characterized by integrity, fairness, and transparency.
  2. Be a corporate organization that values the character and individuality of each employee.
  3. Transform advanced technologies and offer products that continue to be trusted on a global level.
  4. Be confident in our actions and earn the trust and understanding of our customers.

TRS WAY (guideline for action)

Change :

  •  - I change my mind to enjoy every challenge without being afraid of failure.
  •  - We change our organization that produces the best results with our creativity and wisdom.

Respond :

  •  - I meet the expectations of our stakeholder by solving problems toward higher goals.
  •  - We always understand the true purpose of our work and respond to the expectations and trust of our customers, society and the times.

Enhance :

  •  - I learn by myself with the desire to improve my abilities.
  •  - We enhance each other’s abilities and enhance our corporate value.

TRS Group Code of Conduct

  • 1.Compliance with laws and regulations and company regulations
  • 2.Prohibition of acts of conflict of interest
  • 3.Protection of company assets
  • 4.Sincere, fair and impartial relationship
  • 5.Ensuring transparency and accountability
  • 6.Respect for human rights and diversity and equal opportunity
  • 7.Environmental protection / protection
  • 8.Ensuring safety
  • 9.Duty of action and reporting
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