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CSR Procurement

At TOKYO RADIATOR, we aim to manufacture attractive products under “quality and reliability” as our themes.
We are looking for partners widely both domestically and internationally.

We welcome business partners to propose ideas or new technologies related to our procurement activities through this website.

Basic Purchasing Policy

◆Fair and impartial optimal procurement activities
As a global company, we are looking for business partners widely both domestically and internationally.
Rather than evaluating based on company size or transaction history, we will optimize procurement based on the principles of proper competition.

◆Mutual development based on mutual trust
We want to have a relationship with our business partners that ensures mutual benefit through business transactions and allows us to develop together as equal partners.

◆Legal compliance and confidentiality
Our basic policy is to comply with the law, and we will not disclose any confidential information obtained through transactions to outside parties.

◆Selection of business partners
We comprehensively consider Q(quality), C(cost), D(delivery), D(development), as well as management attitude and structure. We will strengthen collaboration between domestic and overseas bases and affiliated companies to select optimal business partners.

Holding Policy Briefing Sessions

Since 2002, we have held a policy briefing session at the beginning of each fiscal year, inviting our major business partners.At this briefing, we explain our efforts regarding the fiscal year’s business environment, purchasing policy, production trends, etc.After the policy briefing session, we promote communication through business party to exchange opinions and feedback from our business partners. (2020-2022 Canceled to COVID-19 infection prevention)

Promotion of CSR Procurement

We have shared our management philosophy and basic purchasing Policy with our business partners.
In addition, we have established the “TRS CSR Procurement Guidelines” from 2023 in order to further disseminate the content that we would like business partners to approval and support TRS’s approach to CSR procurement initiatives.
We use these guidelines to help our business partners approval our efforts in areas such as human rights and the environment,and to share information on what we would like our business partners to do as well.

Business Partners Hotline

In order to maintain fair, impartial, and highly transparent transactions, we have established a reporting desk for our business partners. This contact point has been established in a division independent of Purchasing department. If we receive a consultation or report, we will investigate the facts and take appropriate action.

・Contact information
TRS Global Compliance Office Contact:

・Subjects of consultation/reporting
Organizations and employees of our business partners

・Contents of consultation/reporting
Matters regarding violations of laws, regulations, or compliance by persons related to our company If you believe that there is a violation (or a risk of violation) of the contract with each business partner, please enter the specific details.

・Protection of consultation/reporting
We will not treat reporter or organizations disadvantageously because of their reporting.
We will take appropriate measures to ensure that the trading environment for the reporter and the organization does not deteriorate as a result of reporting.

・Responding to consultation/reporting
The relevant compliance officer will investigate the facts of the reported matter.
If any misconduct is revealed as a result of the investigation, we will promptly take corrective action and preventive measures.Unless the reporter did’t wish to be contacted, we will inform the reporter of the investigation results and corrective actions.

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