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Products trivia

Products trivia


EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) reduces the amount of oxygen and lowers the combustion temperature by mixing a portion of the exhaust gas from a diesel engine with intake air, thereby decreasing the level of NOx within the exhaust gas.
EGR coolers are installed for the purpose of further reducing NOx levels by cooling down exhaust gas efficiently, increasing EGR, and lowering the combustion temperature.
The coolers are also installed for gasoline engines to enhance fuel efficiency by reducing pumping loss and preventing knocking.

Using tubes and fins that mitigate soot deposition and a highly corrosion-resistant brazing material, EGR coolers achieve high performance and high durable reliability. Available in different lengths, the coolers offer ease of installation and meet a broad variety of needs.
By developing and delivering products which can reduce the level of NOx in exhaust gas, TOKYO RADIATOR strives to conserve and make improvements to the environment and contribute to a sustainable society.

About NOx and PM

NOx refers nitrogen oxides.
NOx gases are produced when oxygen and nitrogen in the air combine during combustion. Normally, NOx refers to nitrogen monoxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). Environmental standards are set on NO2 since it causes respiratory diseases even at low concentrations.

Particulate matter (PM) refers to microscopic matter in the atmosphere.
Complete combustion occurs when gasified diesel (fuel) mixes uniformly with air. In this case,high-temperature carbon dioxide gas and water vapor are released into the atmosphere as exhaust gas.
However, incomplete combustion occurs when the fuel and air do not mix uniformly, producing soot and oily substances, or altered fuel components. The oily substances adhere to the soot and are collectively referred to as particulate matter. It is said that the oily substances contain components that cause lung cancer and hay fever.


Introduction of SCR systems (selective catalytic reduction systems)

Nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel engines are facilitated by high temperature, complete combustion. When mixed with urea water, however, NOx decomposes into harmless water and nitrogen. This system takes advantage of this mechanism to inject urea water into the catalyst to significantly reduce NOx.