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Procurement Information

Procurement Information

At TOKYO RADIATOR, we aim to manufacture appealing heat exchangers and other products with “quality and reliability” as our themes. We are always in search of new partners to work together toward these objectives in Japan and beyond.

We welcome suppliers to propose ideas or new technologies related to our procurement activities through this website.

Basic Policy on Purchasing

◆ Fair, equitable, and optimal procurement activities
TOKYO RADIATOR, a global corporation, is seeking to develop an extensive network of suppliers in Japan and abroad. We aim to optimize our procurement processes based on fair competition, instead of the supplier’s company size or business records.

◆ Mutual growth based on mutual trust
We envision a partnership that is mutually profitable and that allows both parties to grow as equal partners.

◆ Legal compliance and confidentiality
We believe in legal compliance and will not disclose any confidential information we have obtained through business to third parties.

Process Flow

  • STEP1
    Supplier will submit the application form.
  • STEP2
    A meeting will be held with TRS for detailed discussions.
  • STEP3
    Supplier will submit quotations.
  • STEP4
    TOKYO RADIATOR will review and visit the supplier.
  • STEP5
    Supplier will prepare a prototype (evaluation data)
    Fabrication of mass-produced goods and evaluation
  • STEP6
    Evaluation will be conducted by TOKYO RADIATOR
  • An agreement is signed and mass production begins.

Supplier Recruitment

Product Categories Open for Application


Category 1 Category 2 Remarks
Sheet metal parts Pressed parts Pressed sheet metals (0.8 to 4.5t)
Sheet metal parts Three-dimensional lasers, benders, etc.
Machined parts Aluminum Bosses, seats, etc.
Surface treatment Coating Cathodic electrodeposition, etc.
Rubber parts Extrusion-molded parts  
Plastic parts Blow-molded parts Radiator overflow tanks, etc.
Injection-molded parts Fan guide, etc.
Pipe products SUS Bellows, pipes, etc.
Forging SUS (Fine-blanking)
Forging Aluminum PF, high vacuum, gravity, etc.
SUS Lost-wax casting
Others CAP For radiators and fuel tanks
Nuts and bolts  

【Auxiliary materials】

Auxiliary materials Argon gas Gas cylinders
Nitrogen gas For tanker trucks
Volatile machining oil  
Heavy crude oil  
Paste brazing metals Nickel brazing metals
Machining tools Tap drills, etc.
Welding tips  
Packaging materials  
Protective gear and equipment Work gloves, leather gloves, anti-dust masks
Office products Copy paper  
Blue print paper  
Fluorescent lamp and room light  
Toner cartridge  
Computer peripherals  
Other Plastic containers and bags  
General tools Nipper pliers, etc.
SUS (Fine-blanking)

【Auxiliary materials】

Currently not accepting applications.    

【Equipment and molds】

Currently not accepting applications.    

Supplier Recruitment

Currently not accepting applications in any category.

How to apply

To apply for or make an inquiry related to material procurement,
please contact us at:

Contact Purchasing Department
Tel 0466-87-1131

 * Please include the following information in your email: 
Company name, date of incorporation, location, paid-in capital, number of employees, marketed product categories, major clients, certifications obtained, name and contact information (tel # and email address) of the person in charge.